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Vizio1-by-Attanasio-Mazzone Vizio2-by-Attanasio-Mazzone Vizio3-by-Attanasio-Mazzone Vizio4-by-Attanasio-Mazzone Vizio5-by-Attanasio-Mazzone Vizio6-by-Attanasio-mazzone Vizio7-by-Attanasio-mazzone

“Vizio” apparently is an ordinary chair, but hide behind a custom which accompanies many of us. Observing the chair and watching our habits on it, I redesigned its component parts in order to use it as an object that orderly allows me to put my clothes. So “Vizio” gives you the possibility to place your clock, your coat, shoes, with order, making a “for personal use” object. It is made from triplay wood (19mm), in various colors and finishes.

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