Dear Madam, dear Sir

I am Alex and I am fond of long trips in the outdoors. Indeed I have travelled from France to Africa and South America by bike during one year (2002) and rode by horse from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan (2009) during 5 months.

When I came back home after my second trip, I decided to create something nice for travelers. My friend Bertrand who is a designer decided to join me

We started from the very first idea that Bertrand had drawn in the past. Later, we changed it completely and progressively we achieved what we wanted: the Voltmaker a fun and eco-friendly portable charger that allows anyone to recharge any low-power electronic device, such as smartphones or MP3 players when he or she is in the outdoors with no electricity miles around.
You can see in the attached file how the design has changed from the very first idea Bertrand had before we even talked about the project.
It was made for my next trip and it had been imagined by Bertrand. Later two other friends came on board to develop the product.

The result, is a smart charger with a unique design: the Voltmaker

You’ll find a complete presentation of the Voltmaker on http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/voltmaker and voltmakers.com

We have been working hard these past two years to make it happen and I would love if you could give us some help by telling your readers about our project.

Many thanks