The Voltmaker is an innovative universal device to charge low voltages devices (smartphones, MP3 Player, camera, etc…) in all circumstances. It can be operated with one single hand in case of emergency but which can also be charged up at home to offer you security.

This innovation provides the security of charging up a device immediately and also acts as a second battery.

We have decided to develop a high-end dynamo product with high performance by focusing on details. We wanted the Voltmaker to be cool. We made it! We gave it a pure and uncluttered aspect.

It is a unique product presenting outstanding features: playful use, robustness, multipurposeness and smartness. Its tubular form makes it perfectly ergonomic, the simple impulse of the ratchet being enough for the generator to work.

What we have thought up and designed requires very few efforts – it can be operated using only one hand and it’s actually very fun to use. The innovation lies in the gesture itself.