VORTEX CHAIR designers have created a daily routine used object to make the everyday life more funny and happier . The emotions are fantastic when you are seated in the chair. Unbelievable, but definitely it seems like you can and have got courage to fight against the evil in the world . The feelings from the chair will flow inside to your body and make you feel somehow like in extravagant eddy.

If serious, a little humor – VORTEX CHAIR is Edgars Spridzans designed chair, legs are made from the so- called JOHNSONESE jon’so-nez metal. The chair bottom – is made from breathable and alive wood. Therefore, VORTEX CHAIR , it depends on your individual needs, will impress the interior to become either quieter , or on the contrary – much attractive and over-welming with energetic projectile. No doubt, VORTEX CHAIR might serve as well as an excellent new-fashioned saloon interior element.