Tridimensional fabric's texture.
Mood board
Metal fabric weaving's process
Here are the 35, 50 and 70 cm diameter versions.


Voxel lamp is designed by Dodo Arslan for Terzani.
It incorporates hundreds of tridimensional tiles, made out of laser-cutted stainless steel sheets that are folded and then woven together to create a volumetric drape.
The stunning surface, that reminds the metallic dresses of the 1970s and computer visualization softwares, creates an amazing sense of depth.
Voxel is another Terzani design which seamlessly melds classic design with cutting edge technology.
This modular system allows to create lamps of any size and shape, offering an increadible flexibility for customized solutions in contract projects.
Voxel is led powered and is proposed in the standard 35, 50 and 70 cm diameter versions, but it can be “tailored” for any space, as all Terzani’s models.

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Hall 9
stand B02/B04