Bike in side view
all needed parts ready for assembly
generating lugs for printing!!
printed parts needs to get finished

carbon-tubed frame with 3D printed steel lugs
The VRZ 1. uses 3D printed stainless steel lugs (connector pieces) and carbon fiber tubes. CL 20ES stainless steel to be precise – in powdered form along with a laser to fuse complicated shapes in this case frame lugs which are then bonded onto carbon tubes in a technique that will be familiar to followers of carbon framebuilding.
The lugs are generated with a program before being printed, hand-finished, and glued onto the custom-cut carbon fiber tubes.
This system allows an extremely light frame to be made to a custom size, much more quickly than conventional methods.
The fork weighs 480 g and the frame is 1100 g, superlight! If you print the lugs in titanium the total weight will be even less.
The idea was to combine cutting-edge technology and old framebuilding skills with high quallity material to push of the engineering boundaries.
The outcome is a ergonomic perfect bike for each athlete.