Vumana acronym for Voz Humana (Human Voice in Spanish) is a micro design studio that started in Monterrey during 2016 that focuses in Chair design specifically, Monterrey is a highly industrialized city surrounded by mountains located in Northern Mexico with heavy manufacturing activity and becoming more and more aware and modern design integrating architecture from different global firms.

What we wanted to achieve in HOX1 chair was the creation of a mix between Northern/Midcentury/Industrial/Modern/Mexican styles and also somehow integrate visually the music from Tycho and Com Truise. The result after all the design process, prototyping and trials was a blended Industrial woven low chair with interesting geometrical features where a person could almost lay down, but at the same time be sited, a chair to relax, listen to music, read a book or talk to friends.

Two versions of HOX1 were created, The wood version is made of Oak, leather and Aluminum, and a second version of the chair made of cast aluminum and cord that could stay outdoors but also cool for indoors. The woven pattern integrated into the chair was inspired by the back of women corsets making the chair very light and comfortable when seating.

Photos by Fer Juaristi (@ferjuaristi)