The visual language is the basis for creating the design, apart from the functional aspect, there are conceptual elements that are not visible, in fact they do not exist, but they appear to be present, for example, we believe there is a point at a certain angle Thus, there is a line in the contour of an object, which are flat and enveloping a volume that occupies a space volume.

In the same way digital media relate to the design process, understanding each form as a set of conceptual elements for its abstract interpretation and modification.

In our project we generated two stages, the first addressed this review on how we cover these basic design principles, hidden geometry, showing the process of analysis and its implicit part despising same functional and interpreting these conceptual elements like sculptures that form the body, what looks, what will be dressed in its final process.

At this phase it is consecutive its functional part, its practical purpose, where the dress makes its presence, which covers and looks.

Imagine the perfection of human body, naked, natural and sculptural; which to be functional in our social concepts you have to dress, give function to it, the same goes for our object.







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