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Wait Here

'wait here' punch line image (photography by florian van roekel) Incornito Nose Stand + Sneak in Front Tool Incognito Nose Stand (top) Sneak in Front Tool Waiting Room Survival Book You believe waiting does not fit your lifestyle? See page 9 'Shorten your wait time' (illustration out of waiting room survival book) You prefer no familiar face in this waiting room? See page 23 'Wait Incognito' (illustration out of waiting room survival book) You do not understand why nobody can stand up? See page 31 'Clearing Occupied Seats' (illustration out of waiting room survival book)

you have waited long enough? use the ‘sneak in front tool’ and let other people waiting disappear behind the ’empty’ chairs. act quick otherwise you end up sitting behind! you prefer to wait unrecognizable in this waiting room for sexually transmitted diseases? the ‘incognito nose stand’ might help you out. you like to peep at other people waiting? grab the ‘waiting room survival book’. in this book you will find illustrated tips and tricks for any waiting room inconvenience as well.

‘wait here’ by philip luschen breaks through the passive dynamic of waiting in waiting rooms. The book and two objects are designed as practical implements but more important function as icebreakers which stimulate the imagination while waiting.

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