Walhub Rocker Keeper
Walhub Toggle 2Hang
Walhub Rocker 1Hang
Walhub Rocker Keeper2
Walhub Toggle Keeper
Walhub 1Hang2
Walhub 1Hang Rocker

Reinventing the common switch plate
Upwell launches its first product aimed at simplifying your everyday routine.

Walhub looks at the most efficient way to solve a common problem by simply improving on a product all of us already have in our homes and offices – light switch cover plates. Walhub was conceived out of the need to find a dedicated location to store the objects that often come and go with us – keys, mail, umbrella scarves, etc… It eliminates the need to purchase and install a new product on your wall like individual hooks or shelving systems – instead Walhub replaces that underutilized switch plate and adds practical function to a logical location.