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Hello MocoLoco!

I’m from Pixers (http://pixersize.com), and I would like to submit a product for your consideration. It’s in regards to our new movie-inspired wall mural collection called “Cinematographics” (http://pixersize.com/wallmurals/cinematographics).

The freshly released collection pays homage to movies such as Amelie, Drive, and Forrest Gump, replicating the characters with a colorful, geometric design. The murals transform any wall into a modern combination of beauty and pop culture with a hint of geek-chic.

We’re renowned across the pond and are just beginning to establish ourselves in the US. There really is nothing like our stuff on the market, and this particular collection has only been out for two weeks.

Let me know if you have any questions, or would like more information. I appreciate your consideration, and thank you in advance!