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Award-winning Accent has the IT factor – with a new collection of lighting accessories
The new “IT” line was launched at the beautiful garden show “Mit hjem er Mit Slot” (My home is my castle) in
Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, last week.
Copenhagen based designer, Claire Requa, has again seen a need and filled it by designing her Claire de Lune IT line,
a collection of contemporary accessories for simple “plug- and-play” pendant lights.
“After months of selling my line of simple pendant lighting– I call LOLLIPOPS – I became aware that an accessory to
hang the lights elegantly and simply, was missing. Having a simple pendant light, like LOLLIPOP, was fun to
purchase, but how to actually hang it.
It was like getting a (battery-driven) gift, and not getting batteries to go with it. The bracket is made of transparent
acrylic for the very reason that it should not disturb or detract from its surrounds, but rather, allow the colored
cords of the pendant light to pop.
An “almost-there” bracket.
Wall:it was designed to be attached to the wall, giving the end-customer full choice and control over where they place their pendant lighting (depending on where there is an electrical socket, of course).

“Hang your light YOUR way.”

There are five models: Basic, Mickee,
Trio, Chand and Torch.
Basic, to hang one Lollipop, Mickee &
Trio to hang three Lollipops, Chand to
be able to hang Claire de Lune
Chandelier, and Torch to be able to use
as either a wall sconce with bulb
pointing up or down, OR as a holder for
a tea light.
Wall:it (Mickee),
with three Lollipops
These accessories will be right at home in corporate settings such as grand hotels,
shops or reception spaces as well as in the home.
WALL:it has won prestigious runner-up status, in the A’Design award in the Lighting
and Lighting Products category, 2013-2014. (see back page)
“So I have designed a simple solution that allows the
pendant light to shine, to be the center of attention, by
using a simple, almost-invisible item, that is easily
installed with a couple of screws. The prototyping was
done by using materials upcycled (from the waste of
other productions).”
WALL:IT – A simple and elegant and nearly invisible way
to hang simple, pendant lighting without the bothersome
task of drilling in the ceiling, hiring electricians, etc.
(Plug-n-play your Lollipop, hang it where you want)
This item, with its transparency, provides a beautiful
The Wall:it design was prototyped in 2012, and later in
2013 developed further to be ready for market. To be
available in shops in 2014
Accent (accent.dk) is a design company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Accent designer,
American born Claire Requa, hails from Jamaica, and has lived in Denmark for 26 years.
She is a self-taught designer, her design work is based in contemporary style,
using where possible sustainable materials and packaging solutions that reduce
waste, weight and size.
The Claire de Lune collection includes lamps made from acrylic and polypropylene,
all flat-packed in sustainable packaging where possible.
Clairely upcycled jewellery is a by-product of the acrylic lamp production. (clairely.dk).
Current projects include the use of recycled base materials which are used in
the production of Accent designed lamp bases.