It is a set for sharing drinking water with a plant. Set contains of three parts – glass, flowerpot, and tray for an excess water. Glass for water has an additional function of a watering can, which is created by adding a glass tube to the side of a glass. When drinking water, a person is reminded of watering plants by the tube. flowerpot has three circular holes on the bottom. Excess water is flowing to the concrete tray. Concrete tray is shaped to accommodate the flowerpot and an excess water. Lower part of a flower pot would be situated in the water, so that roots of a plant access the water when needed. When there is to much water, it start to flow into a tube-like hole in front of a tray – thanks to that, a person knows how much water a plant needs. The project serves to create a bond between a plant and its owner. It underlines the importance of water to every living creature, as a substance without there would be no life on earth.