View from main entrance
Close up view
Progress photos
Side view
Corner detail
Close up view

Wave is a merchandise display primarily for candies. Its design focuses on the use of natural fiber construction and craft. In this particular case, rattan is the material of choice which is material commonly used in Indonesian handcrafted wicker furniture. Our aim is to further reinterpret tradition in a new form that is still rooted in our cultural heritage.

Currently located by the main entrance of the store, WAVE welcomes all customers to interact with it. The overall footprint is 160 cm x 240 cm with varying geographic dimension. Its unique shape compliments the store’s interior while allowing a degree of flexibility for its placement inside the store. The contour produces craters holding reflective stainless steel bowls as many as we can fit with ergonomic comfort in mind. The geographical landscape gradually transforms itself into a teardrop shaped table at one end, fusing the whole into a hybrid and playful manner.