California based designer Carmine Scotch has created a series of vertical wall hung metal bookcases that represent the undulating waves of the sea. The design consists of 3 different units which can stand alone as a single bookcase or combined in any formation for larger spaces. The concept was to create a design that was not obvious as to its function upon first look. Each blade is unique and progressively changes from side to side and top to bottom. The thin elegant design appears as a series of waves when viewed from the side then slowly reveals it’s function as you become more perpendicular to the bookcase.

When Carmine entered an international design contest on Desall, he had no idea his concept along with a few others would be chosen over 900 other participants. The company looking for new ideas, Mabele Daily Steel took thigs a step further and built a prototype for production. The Waveform bookcase by Mabele made its debut in January 2016 at the Maison & Object Paris and has since been added to the line of products available from Mabele Daily Steel, Torino Italy.


Waveform Single Unit

Waveform Mulit Unit

Wavefrom Dim

Wavefrom Paris Dispaly 01

Wavefomr Paris Display 02

Waveform White

Waveform Slate

Waveform Tan

Waveform Entry