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I’ve got a little tip for you guys. We are about to launch a revolutionary gestural weather app for iPhone: Weathercube.
We’ve been working on it for months and are convinced it’s a totally new design and way of navigating within an iPhone app.

As you’ve written an article about WTHR app before, I thought this might be of your interest.

Check out our latest blogpost to see the promo video and a sneak peek of the app: http://blog.weathercube.com .
Weathercube is being reviewed by Apple at this very moment, so we hope to release it next week!

For more info please reply this mail or tweet us @weathercubeapp.

Kind Regards,

Caspar Hoefsloot

The Appsuperb team

PS Check our sneak peek video: http://youtu.be/45V3JON_zSA and the promo video here: http://youtu.be/UYCVhm3wlHU