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Weave Vase by Kunikazu Hamanishi

Weave is a flower vase which is composed of various shaped of wickers and colorful ceramic bowls aiming at a good combination of digital technique and craftsmanship. It hasn’t changed since the olden days that craftsman has wove wickers one by one manually along the mold. If we can create different kinds of molds easily, craftsman would be able to weave various shaped wickers. He designed a whole process from modeling 3D data to making the molds, applying digital technologies.

Software: grasshopper for rhinoceros (graphical generative algorithm tools for 3d modeling)

Various shaped type of weave

These shapes are automatically generated

with favorite flowers

decorate situation 01

decorate situation 02

decorate situation 03


making process 01

making process 02

making process 03

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