view from balcony
view from the entrance of the celebration
corner view
aerial view
façade: wind moving ballons
the bride crossing the surface
grid as mark for construction
man standing under ballons
wind and shadows on ballons
cutting nylon tiles

Using ballons inflated with helium, french architect Axel de Stampa (from 1week1project), designs for his wedding a moving surface.

Axel de Stampa, one of the members of 1week1project just got hitched. To occupy the courtyard of the reception venue, he designed Wedding Surface.
The project is a levitated surface, composed of 289 ballons filled with helium and held by strings of nylon. The square shape is defined by the geometry of the courtyard. There are two identical surfaces. Indeed, every point on the ground and elevated surface has it’s own double through a symmetric play of the grid.
Wedding Surface represents the union of these two elements, two newlyweds floating in the air.