Well Bred Co.   Fall / Winter 2013 / Pepin boot

Well Bred Co. is an American shoe and leather good company. It champions American Workmanship through high quality products and designs. We are introducing our debut collection Fall / Winter 2013.

The brand was born with one desire in mind. To produce the best quality products that we could. To us that means more than the physical qualities of the product. We wanted to ensure that our products would be produced in factories with good working conditions, by Craftsmen who would love what they do and be proud of what they produce. We also wanted to make sure we were using the best quality materials and components available. All of led us to want to produce here in America with American sourced materials. We have carefully sourced our materials from all over the country including IL, FL, MN, WI, MA, RI, NC and the factory is located in CA, making our product truly all American.

Our approach to the design of the shoes was one of honesty. We wanted to make sure in our designs there were no unnecessary add ons just for looks. We use classic silhouettes, and simplify them both in the way they are made, and the way they look. That is why we like to say that our styles are our interpretation of classic silhouettes paired with modern detailing. For us, this makes our styles incredibly versatile in the way they can be worn.