West Coast Ghosts
Douglas-Fir, one of the largest species of tree to proliferate throughout the Pacific Northwest, is consumed by the building and construction industry at an unprecedented rate. Preferred for its strength and availability of large dimension timber from old-growth trees, Douglas-Fir is one of the world’s primary timber producers; yielding greater volumes than any other tree in North America.

The WCG series, characterized by a large timber atop an ephemeral base, is a direct metaphorical analogy to the Pacific Northwest forest – A Canopy and its Understory. Felled from the Mt. Hood region of northern Oregon, second generation, eighty-year old specimens make their way east, across the United States on rail destined for secondary and tertiary mills throughout the Great Lakes Basin. 100% of the WCG series has been sourced from end-cuts and waste product from local mills and timber production retailers – furthering sustainable foresting initiatives by maximizing the use of every timber.

About the Piece
Each timber has been locally seasoned, dressed four sides and finished with three coats of linseed oil. Every understory is unique, fabricated by hand from 1/8” steel plate and cold-rolled rod, intricately prepped, welded, and finished in a deep matte black. The pieces depicted here measure 15” square x 21” tall, with 7 1/2″ thick timber.