three-quarter view of What's Past is Prologue
Front view of What's Past is Prologue
Gloves inside allow for interactions with fragments of the past.
A one-way slot allows for individuals to permanently store their mementos within the memory cabinet.

What’s Past is Prologue is a fluid, interactive time capsule: a ‘memory cabinet.’ Installed as a fixed object in a home, it becomes a testament to the permanence and impermanence of everything. Users place their important objects & mementos through a one-way slot, allowing future generations or residents to look through the contents (using attached gloves) to shape narrative of themselves/the past. Users can continue to add their own objects, creating an ongoing set of changing meanings for whoever chooses to pursue the interaction.

Made from wood, epoxy, acrylic, leather
H: 183 cm, W: 112 cm D: 56 cm
Exhibited at Salone Satellite, 2011.
Photos by Patrick O’Gara

(It’s only been self-published on my website/a school website as of right now.)