'Whirlpool Table'
'Whirlpool Table' Detail

A whirlpool of intertwining maple and walnut is animated by gently spinning the top of this illusory coffee table. Occupying opposite ends of the colour spectrum, the warm natural woods assume a graphic quality that heightens the optical effect at play. In motion, Whirlpool Table runs smoothly on a silent mechanism; at rest, the quality of the marquetry can be appreciated. Supported by a tripod of turned walnut legs, Whirlpool Table is finished in a hardwearing matt polyurethane varnish to enhance the grain and protect the timber.

The spiraling vortex, and its potential for visual trickery and illusory depth has been an ongoing source of inspiration for Alex Chinneck over a period of time. Often combined with a kinetic drive mechanism the vortexes have a mesmerizing quality, pulling the viewer into their world. His practice continues to blur distinctions between the creative disciplines, producing work that overlaps with the realms of design and architecture. Presenting twists on everyday objects and situations with his highly inventive use of materials and processes, the work progresses on an ever-increasing scale, both in the gallery and in public space.

Whirlpool Table is currently on display at ‘Furniture Forward’ at William Benington Gallery in Islington. London.