Test Model
Egg Yolk
Handle profile of  Whisk'
Convenient in holding
Steadily on the bowl
Yolk separating

Sometimes, we only need yolk or egg white to make food in daily cooking, such as to make a cake. So we need two steps:

Step 1: Separate the egg yolk
Step 2: Stir the egg yolk

Actually it is not so easy to separate the yolk. We need to crack the egg carefully and separate the yolk by pouring the yolk and egg white in one half shell into the other. Then repeat several times until the yolk is separated. By doing this, you will waste a little food and also dirty your hands. A significant function of kitchenware is keeping your hands clean.

Meanwhile, when we take the trouble to separate the yolk, our whisk is put aside only waiting for the second step — stir. Why don’t we integrate the two steps —— separating and stirring?

The original function as a whisk has been guaranteed, but at the same time, the function of separating yolk is integrated in Whisk’ so that we can integrate the two steps (separating and stirring) together. Less steps means more efficient and enjoyable cooking.

The handle of Whisk’ is not round. And there is gentle curve which has three advantages:

1. Whisk’ will not roll about on the desk
2. Convenient in holding
3. Whisk’ can be put on the bowl steadily. The part for separating yolk will be upward naturally, so we can crack egg by hand freely, because not everyone can do it just with one hand.