White paper classification by Wonmin Park

We look at a piece of white paper and see whiteness.
Emptiness, void, etc. But when we put two pieces of white paper next to each other we realise that whiteness is just one part of it. Texture, smell, and a different sort of whiteness all come into play. The function of this table is to make you feel the nuance of paper. So that you can see exactly what kind of whiteness you want to use when creating something. White may be associated with emptiness and voidness, but this table shows that there’s no one whiteness, no one emptiness, and no one voidness. This maple wooden table protects the whiteness of the paper by guarding it from sunlight and moisture preserving the unique whiteness of each piece of paper.
White and empty are not absolute. This table shows the relativity of whiteness and emptiness.
size: 900 x 650 x 800 mm , maple