Designer Greg Papove has launched his latest project in Vancouver, BC. The Whoopdeedoo project is about breaking the daily routine of commuter cycling in a fun and spontaneous way. By temporarily placing the ramps on the bike path, they add a new element to your daily commute and create a sense of destination for new cyclists. The ramp was designed for use of cyclists of all ages and comfort levels.

Vancouver’s 2040 transportation plan encourages citizens to use multiple forms of transportation to reduce vehicle traffic. Designed to promote Vancouver’s 2040 transportation plan, the whoopdeedoo project promotes cycling as a fun and free form of transportation. Commuters are encouraged to indulge in a whoopdeedoo moment on their way to and from work. The ramp has a bright, fun aesthetic to catch the attention of both cyclists and drivers who can see it from the road. A centre line was included to assist with orientation when approaching the ramp. The flags offer an element of safety by providing the feeling of side walls when rolling over the ramp so the user will stay centred and away from the edges.

Posters were placed around the city to provide information on the whoopdeedoo project and let people know where they can check it out. Posters and safety signage were designed by Claire Balderston.

This project was made possible through a grant from pennysmash.ca with help from Vancouverisawsome.com