The Wild Footprint project was born from the observation of the natural expression of landscapes, considering the organic way in which some elements acquire their shape throughout time.

The complexity of the structure that develops on the surface of rocks, after going through a long process of adaptation, immersed into its more wild environment, hit by a diverse arrange of climatic factors such as wind, tides, erosion, tremors, and earthquakes, made us take notice of the richness of the development of shape and form, as an esthetic resource for experimentation through the design of objects.

We used gres clay, as an earthly element, in function of its coherence in form and constructive properties, since it possesses a natural plastic adaptation towards a diversity of supports.

The project had a strong experimental stage in the search of that special support-material that could allow us to plasm on the gres the organic esthetic mentioned before. After this stage, we have selected the expanded polyethylene of high density, due to its granular composition.

Each piece is totally handmade (printed by press), carefully made one by one. Each one of them fabricated with a different and individual support (mold), which is used just once, having as a result, a unique and special piece.

Tomás Lucas and Alejandra Sarmiento Chilean designers from Valparaiso.