wildness in wildness
back of Wildness
W : 550 H :1050 D : 600
W : 550 H :1050 D : 600
detail material
W : 550 H :1050 D : 600

The chair resembling the power of the wildness
The ‘Wild’ is one of the ‘Anitya’ series
In the universe that we are existing in, no creatures stay at a same point where they’ve been in past, and we have been changed every moment.
This kinetic energy keeps conflict and being auxiliary to each others in balance without any hierarchy.
I’ve been trying to present this kind of mutual energy that liken to a “wildness”. The material of ‘Wildness’is formed unexpectedly in the process of heating vinyl.  During this process, different shape is gotten all the time.
That describes the moment of creation internally and externally. There is no core, but relationship which is explained as a derivation derivation without origin because it comes from complementary relation, not coercive.