In an attempt to mock that line that sometimes lies between art and design we found
ourselves with the possibility of creating a new way. We discovered that design can act as
a tool for art. In this case: a frame in which a textile piece lies along. Working on it, we
discoverd that that line could be crossed back and forward without risking the real value of
the piece. This is a chair that can be used. It oferrs an experience. Almost like a
performance, the spectator can situate himself either inside or outside. One has the
possibility of submerging into the chair’s landscape, or that of remaining outside.
The chair is made of strips of cherry wood turning.
Three arc-shaped parts intersect to yield 2 triangles that provide lateral rigidity.
The details were resolved with simple lines that complement the general austerity
of the object.
The angle offered by the interaction of the strips was chosen to provide a rest
position, similar than that of a traditional beach chair.
It uses woven wool carpet in flexible foil character. 30mm thickness provided by this
system was intended to gently absorb the body weight and create a comfortable
feeling to the touch. A zipper closure system offers the possibility of removing the
back for replacement or cleaning.

Taken together the interaction of these two materials provides a warm image
resulting from the use of materials and a color palette balanced.

This chair was designed and created by Alexandra Kehayoglou ( textite artist
www.alexkeha.com.ar) and Maxi Ciovich (arquitect & designer www.maxiciovich.com)