Wiper presents a renewed range of electric lawn mover with innovative technology and new design by Emo design studio. Inspired by the Nordic style and thought for real outdoor life hobbyists, the new robots Wiper Premium are characterized by a minimal design that emphasises the technical grooves necessary for impacts absorption and for correct transmission of impacts to the sensors. The shell volumes, emphasised by the double colour, play as a distinctive element integrating the technical to the aesthetical function of the product.
Wiper Premium means independent and sustainable technology that substitutes man for the maintenance activities dedicated to the garden. The new range cuts the grass at the desired height, it covers surfaces from 1900 m2 to 6000 m2 and assures battery life from 3,5 to 10 hours – in the premium version – thanks to the brushless last generation engines.
Equipped with impact sensors, thanks to the extension of the shell sides and to the stress on warning signs, the Wiper Premium machines ensure absolute safety. The new graphic interfaces designed by Emo design, favour aesthetical coherence while aiding the programming for the installer through an extremely intuitive system.
Machines are equipped with rain detectors; therefore they do not require any human action. In addiction the function “identification of cut grass” detects the already cut areas and optimizes the surface with a uniform and regular cut.