PENTA is the first collection from EQOLOGIST, the brand which growing with passion to equalize between living in stylish ambiance and being responsible to an environment. We believe that cradle-to-cradle design is a new vision. Thus, we are proud to provide our customers with lifestyle products, which are sustainable and carry aesthetic value. Let’s help expanding this strong vision and become EQOLOGISTs by equipping your places with EQOLOGIST.

PENTA made from cassava, one of the crops being grown most in Thailand. In many time of the year, Thai farmers have to face with excessive supply of cassava causing huge amount of waste and pollution. EQOLOGIST has a strong vision in bringing new material that is both environmental friendly and creates value to Thai farmers. Thus, the passion in designing is to enhance cassava material with aesthetic value.

The pentagon does not only represent a strong structure, but also reflects a shape of cassava leaf as well, which has become the inspiration for this product design. The dim and warm white light of PENTA presents tropical aesthetics mood and tone and the texture shows an authentic touch and feel.

Best part of cassava material is a natural material that gives out no toxic and can be 100% recyclable and no chemical wastes are left behind. Furthermore, in suitable conditions, the material can be naturally decomposed within 2-3 weeks.


PENTA pendant set




PENTA-01 & PENTA-02 Dimension

PENTA-Bottom view

PENTA-Bottom view2

The inspiration: Cassava leaves

Intelligent design to optimise storage area

Visionary designer: Anon Pairot