Wobli is a furniture line that encourages sensory seeking stimulation.
Rolli Mat uses soft cylinders to offer sensory feedback when rolling over this looped mat, or when lying flat on the floor. Different sized cylinders create an unpredictable and exciting experience.
Slippi Stool uses 'pool noodles’ to allow this stool to transition from wobbly to stable. Flip it over for a new experience. Play, balance, push and pull to improve motor skills and equilibrium.
Rocki Horse uses a unique saddle of multiple textures, children can flip the cover and find their ideal surface. Controlled rocking and simple forms add to the comfort of this modern rocker.
Bounci Chair combines a stable wooden enclosure with a fun, bouncy ball. Take the ball out for free flowing fun, use the enclosure for controlled bouncing, or flip the whole chair and use it as a sturdy seat.

Curve ID Design Studio presents WOBLI, a children’s furniture project created in the heart of New York City. WOBLI furniture is designed to stimulate the senses and excite the mind, promoting confidence, body consciousness and improved concentration for all kids including those seeking sensory stimulation. Plus, it’s a ton of fun! The Bounci Chair, Rolli Mat, Slippi Stool and Rocki Horse are made with materials that allow kids to explore diverse surfaces, textures and shapes. The entire WOBLI line is rewarding to play with and encourages imagination, development and joy.