Salvation Mountain, Niland, CA
Backlit Blonde
Bombay Beach Player
Detailed closeup of a Wood Craft Photo

Digital images are transparently lifted onto Baltic Birch panels. Each one is is hangable without extra hardware- a slot on the back allows easy arrangement. The gently curving lines of wood grain in each image add a depth and texture not found in photographic canvas giclêe, nor is exactly reproducible in two of the same print. Nature’s variance prevents carbon copies.

Sustainable by sourcing wood from the Forest Stewardship Council and donating back to to them with every panel made, Wood Craft Photos aims for a rustic look with modern methods.

Note- Kickstarter.com does have a page for pre-ordering a Wood Craft Photo, but no design blogs have picked up a story about this product.

Kickstarter page is here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/801331712/wood-craft-photos-transferring-high-quality-images