Woodbots....The First Invasion!!
We Come in Peace!
The Woodbots are Here!
Say Hello...To Your New Drinking Partner
Key/shelf stores away in side of Woodbot, when not in use.
Cocktail Time...Key becomes work surface for making drinks!

The Woodbot RTP2013 – Drinks Cabinet / Sideboard by Red Thumb Print. He is constructed from solid oak, with the contrasting details being made up of various exotic timbers, including Purple Heart wood, Paduak, Laburnum, Mahogany and Spalted Beech. He offers two cabinets for storage….the head is designed to store your bottles ect, the doors open out and the hatch opens up at the top, allowing easy access to bottles at the back of the cabinet. The body cabinet is designed to store a collection of glasses, needed to construct your drink of choice. When the RTP2013 is not in use, his key is stored safely away in the side of the cabinet….however when it is drinks time, this is removed from the side and slotted into the front, becoming a work surface for constructing your beverages! The RTP2013 is well grounded on solid oak legs, set on castors, or roller skates as I like to call them….allowing you to wheel him around to your chosen location.