This wooden dishwashing toolset includes a handle and three practical attachments to choose from depending on the task at hand and your mood at the time. The stand allows you to store the tools and have them handy at all times. This set, with its simple, sleek design, is a beautiful objeo that you can’t help but admire on the counter.

The handle and its attachments, designed for each other, naturally fit together. They can also be used on their own for times when you need to apply a bit more pressure.

3 practical tools:

– Versatile, durable dish brush

– Sponge that makes washing glasses and hollow shapes a breeze

– Long-lasting scrubber for stubborn dirt

Dish sponge stand
Thanks to its long shape, this versatile sponge handles like a dream. Soft and absorbent on one side, and just abrasive enough on the other. Its small stand, so pretty on the counter, allows you to store and air-dry it. The complete dishwashing set includes one wooden dish tools stand, one handle, 3 practical tools, three sponges and a wooden sponge stand.