the first concept on paper. image © laura chiarotto
first prototypes. image © laura chiarotto
first "wooden mesh" piece used in the LIEVE table for horm. image © laura chiarotto
the "loss" resulting from the industrial process. image © laura chiarotto
"wooden mesh", the second generation. image © laura chiarotto
image © laura chiarotto
image © laura chiarotto
image © laura chiarotto
another kind of skin. image © laura chiarotto
image © laura chiarotto

WOODEN MESH, composite fabric by Diego Vencato 

A high-tech patented process to create the “wooden mesh”, a compound which combines a rigid material to a flexible support.
The wood goes through a metamorphosis process to become a new kind of skin.

This is a story about a research – the Wooden Mesh – started in 2008.
This research carried to the LIEVE project, a table presented by Horm at Milan Furniture Fair in 2010 which won the Young&Design 1st prize, and now it is going on towards a new relationship between wood and fabric.

Transforming wood, making possible that not only it could be flexible or soft, but it could also behave exactly like a cloth, was the idea behind the project.

To turn wood into fabric we had to break the continuity of its surface, which we obtained by dividing it into pieces. Wood, organized as in polygons, was then coupled with the fabric, which acts as a support and a binder at the same time.

This is how we created “Wooden Mesh”, a compound – realized through a high-tech patented process – which combines a rigid material (parent material) to a flexible support (secondary material).
The goal was to move beyond the hand-crafted production to create an industrial product which had a more suitable cost for the market. This was possible thanks to the major contribution of Sintesi Laser and Alberto Martinuzzo, founder of Albeflex and “father” of the soft wood.
Now the two-dimensional surface of a piece of wood has been completely transformed to become as smooth and soft as fabric.

Kengo Kuma is one of the most important and interesting architects in the world panorama.
I had the opportunity to show him the Wooden Mesh project and this is what he wrote me:
“I was quite impressed to feel its texture and I am sure that the product is full of potentials, given the direction of our time.
Thanks Diego. “