dinning table overview
dinning table - waved bottom side in detail
dinning table - holes filled with tin
dinning table - waved bottom side
small table
small tables
small table in use
table with a flower
table with a flower in detail
table with a flower in detail

Studio VJEM makes hand-made furniture in a small workshop based in Prague, Czech republic. Brothers Adam and Samuel Cigler try to follow the interrupted tradition of high quality craft work that is based on respecting nature, classic technological methods of processing, a deep knowledge and respect to materials. They avoid agglomerated boards, plastic materials or chemical paint.
The significant element of all tables studio VJEM creates is waved bottom side that is made for touching it. Tables come in various heights and dimensions due to fit particular interior.

Small tables & table with a flower
The main feature is a simplicity. The table constists of the board made from solid oak and steel tubes. Small tables are designed for being used for esting, working or putting stuff on them. Table with a flower is a vase which becomes a standalone part of interior. Small tables are designed to be placed at sofa or bed area.

Dinnning table
The construction of dinning table is also frameless, furthermore steel tubes are inserted into solid oak wood without any glue. Wooden boards hold together only with butterfly joints. The holes in the surface are filled with tin and polished. This technology was used in old times in Moravia (part of Bohemia) for decorating.

Photos are by Adam and Matyas Cigler.