Arredi Fiorelli presents WoodWash, the exclusive line of wood sinks.
The bathroom sink line WoodWash are all made of solid wood, available in wood of Teak, Zebrano, Oak, Wenge, Doussie, Iroko and Padouk.
The straordianria experience Joinery, furniture Fiorelli has allowed the development of a production system that ensures the dimensional stability of the wood in the use hygienic.
Everything starts with the perfect seasoning of timber, aimed at percententuale adjust the moisture content in the wood fiber at its optimum level.
Further processing of timber are nothing more than the result of a long period of research, commitment and dedication: tapping and special couplings, high quality adhesives, primers and resins with high insulating power.
The result is a wash basin in modern wooden and minimalist, but with unparalleled heat of the wood.
The line WoodWash is composed of various models both in the “suspended” that “resting”: the fastening system is extremely simple and entirely concealed.
WoodWash All products are designed for the insertion of waste push open 1 ¼ without ratchet with pressure cap. The final finish of the wood washbasin is made through opaque acrylic resins, extremely wear resistant and high temperature, but at the same time remarkably elastic.
The design of the wood washbasin WoodWash may be reproduced and made even custom manufacturer of bathtubs made of wood, or in the lining of tanks ceramic / fiberglass.
Furthermore Arredi Fiorelli offers its experience of carpentry for the production of bathroom furniture tailored consistent line WoodWash: mirrors and shelves, furniture and accessories.