This Table is designed for Kuperus & Gardenier, a brand that creates high quality wooden products. In the past the company gained experience in the design field creating prototypes and producing objects for designers as Christien Meindertsma and Aldo Bakker.
The company wanted to use this knowledge and their contacts in the design field to start their own brand, one that represents honest, fascinating and well-crafted products. Because they liked the Stuck Chair, which they executed, Kuperus & Gardenier asked us to be one of the debut designers for the collection.
Like a piece of paper we wrapped up birch plywood sheet in a cone-like shape, fastened by birch root stitching. The cone shape provides for a simple and logic way to add a bottom and lid to it. Held in place by pins, the total shape is secured without the use of glue. In itself the outer shape is very flexible, adding the massive parts makes the total into a rigid piece.
The goal for this project was to find a delicate balance between production and craft detailing. That’s why we chose to work with simple reproducible shapes and apply common qualities of different wooden material types to design a product: Mass, bendable and completely flexible.

Birch plywood, birch root, massive birch, lacquered MDF.