My name is Chema Ibáñez and I am an industrial design engineer. I live in Barcelona (Spain) and work as a professional freelancer and university professor.

I’m writing this email because I would like to introduce you to some wristwatch designs I have done. This is a personal project in which the new watch models were obtained using the following criteria:

– To design new forms and to reorganise the wristwatch components.
– To use recycled materials for the body and the strap or bracelet (textiles, plastics and metals) and to combine their applications.

The following link (from my blog) shows you some of the resulting designs:

These are exclusive designs (Made in Barcelona) which have been evaluated by watchmakers, all of whom really appreciated the results. There are 4 different models of the watch body and with the multiple combinations of body and strap or bracelet it is possible to obtain 17 different models.

I’m presenting this project as a design only. The watches have not yet been manufactured commercially because no companies are interested in producing them at this time.

I very much hope Design-Milk finds my designs interesting enough to consider featuring them in your newsletter. I will be happy to send you further information about my wristwatch project if you need it.

Thanks for your support and your fresh ideas!

Kind Regards.

Chema Ibáñez

José Mª. Ibáñez
Industrial Design Engineer

PS: Here’s another link which shows another of my wristwatch designs. This one has been commercially produced and is on sale now: