X-plus sit 1
X-plus table
X-plus easy to carry and lightness
X-plus sit2
X-plus coffee table
X-plus together
X-plus happy new year
X-plus drama shot
X-plus bench

The winner of the 2011 red dot design award, the X Plus was conceived as a functional sculpture for contemporary living spaces.
To achieve the shape, three triangular areas are cut from a single sheet of aluminum, the sheet is bent into form and the two end points are welded together. The result is a modular object composed of two X shapes that works independently or arranged in a series. In a variety of hues and finishes, the table is adaptable to almost any motif.
X plus is not defined by any focused functionality , user can be fully free to use it as the way they want, so far I am exploring X plus for coffee table, stool, shelf,ottoman or it could be just a beautiful art piece in your space

website: www.shixiaoxi.com

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/X-Plus/297331056958583