X table by Muka Design Lab
How to
Prototyping in the workshop

This table meets different needs at home or in an office. It can be a conference table or dining table.The X table gives importance to the form and the joint of the different parts. The Brief of this project was to design a table that doesn´t need any screw or joint. By a simple concept, the legs fit into the envelope as if they were pieces of a puzzle. Just needs its own weight to make it stable and compose the product, giving a refined and simple line of sight. On the other hand, his easy to assembly and his reduce space of the parts gives facility to transport.
X table is finished in natural eucalyptus, a fast-growing wood and one of the most abundant in spain, therefore his cutting isn´t very aggressive with the environment and our carbon footprint because the used materials, is very low. The legs are made in folded steel, high gloss lacquered white.