Desktop 3D printing is becoming more and more important in consultancies and design firms to create and verify geometric forms. It is an easy and clean technology to create objects layer by layer without removing material as in CNC mills or turning lathes.

Current 3D printers that are advertised as „desktop“ devices lack a small volume and a small footprint, they look usually bulky and heavy and were not used in these highly designed office environments. The 3D-printing technology is on the verge of a breakthrough but current devices can not deliver a satisfactory integration into these environments and they need to be placed in seperate rooms or workshops. They are hard to operate and lack an easy and understandable software and hardware interface.

With a breakthrough new printing arm the XEOS 3D printer changes the design and size of a desktop 3D printer radically and creates a new archetype for 3D-printers. The clean interior and transparent two window design creates a “stage” for the printing process and emphasizes on the fascination people get when they are watching an object appears out of nothing.

XEOS 3D features a completely new printing arm that was inspired by a wafer robot arm and is able to reduce its enclosure volume by 66% (100 liter) compared to the smallest professional FDM 3D-printer available (the Stratasys Mojo) while improving on speed and accuracy and reducing technical clutter.

It features thoroughgoing easy and intuitive controls: The XEOS step-by-step software supports Macs / PCs and Pads, which connect to the printer via WIFI. The software takes the user by the hand and helps even first time users (like Inters or secretaries) to create a print job and send it to the printer within minutes.

The device itself features only one “Stop & Open” hardware button on the outside – to simplify usage and not overload it with functions. The printer automatically goes in standby-mode after 15 minutes and wakes up when the next print job is received. The big LED status bar behind its front glass gives visual feedback about the print progress and is easy to read – even across the room.

XEOS 3D is a smart product yet simple and easy to use and the first of its kind that defines clearly a new category of 3D-printers.