XO was inspired by the wish to spread a Christmas message that would be easily decoded by everyone: something that would combine tradition, modern technology and good memories. This steered toward using the international text messaging language, in which the ‘xo’ shortcut is probably one of the most popular ones to use, regardless of age and geographical location. The goal was to move a 2d digital, generic configuration into a three-dimensional, alive form with a Christmas touch. The material, gummy bears, was defined by the vivid memories that people have through all generations. It’s a symbol of childhood, fun and delectation. People react vigorously when they see them, especially in a place where they wouldn’t expect them. That element of surprise was very important to encourage spontaneous, genuine smiles of passers-by. Using the beloved, semi-transparent, colorful gummy bears as a material, was easy to apply, by using nothing more but water. As the installation ingredient, it triggers beautiful light effects, different even during day and night. Depending on the whether the viewer is inside or outside, the impression changes as well. XO lights up like a Christmas tree, just in time for the holidays.


Close-up from the inside in day light

Close-up from the inside in night light

Close up from the inside lit by day light

Evening view of the 'X'

Evening view of the 'O'

Full XO composition, view from the street

Side view of the full composittion in evening light

Looking out to the opposite building

View from the top

Close-up of the 'O'