Throughout the centuries, horns have been used for the purpose of holding liquids by many societies and cultures around the world. Inspired by the holy wine ceremony, combined with the Horn of plenty, XORN symbolizes abundance, generosity and eternity.
In all cultures, drinking is an essentially social act, and one of the primary functions of XORN is the facilitation of social bonding through interaction.

The rituals of pouring and sharing are seen to promote conviviality and to build and strengthen interpersonal bonds. The act of communal drinking has been seen as a means of communication between those of different ranks and status in society. Rites of passage are by definition, rituals in which personal transitions translates into a social significance.

XORN, is the 21st century! – A new era of glassware and social behavior inspired by nature’s own ancient design.

Alexandra Mazur-Knyazeva, took great care when designing the curved shape which was scaled to a human body to look naturally in hand and almost as a part of it. The idea behind this project was to create a piece of art that would come to life and become a medium within a social context.

XORN has no stem or support, it’s simple beauty and unique design makes it noticeable during stylish cocktail receptions and celebrations. Upon finishing the drink, the glass is simply turned upside down and placed back on the table in the very same way they would have been presented upon arrival, leaving a unique and memorable experience for guests to share and remember…..

The male is represented by the Black version with a frosted detail which underlines the challenges in the understanding of the “masculinity”. While the white embodies the softness and purity of the femininity. Contrasts of matt and shiny, glossy and frosted creates a different tactile experience for the genders.
XORN is actually a “functional piece of art” adding aroma and taste to its visual experience.

“A design isn’t finished until somebody is using it”. – Brenda Laurel

Optional: The XORN ritual for celebration: Procedure: The female stands on the right and the male on the left and down the line male and female should alternate and stand next to each other. The couples should drink from each other’s XORN and pass on their glass to the opposite sex until it comes to an end. There is no particular process for returning the empty XORN.

Available for pre-order thru www.yorbdesign.com which features the future of dining.