3D printed XYZ shoe. The sum of all parts.
Flexibility + Stability
XYZ shoe
XYZ shoe
3D printed XYZ shoe
3D printed iterations
Multi Material prep for 3D printing
3D printed iterations

The XYZ shoe is an exploration into design pluralism. The culmination of a Masters thesis completed at Victoria University of Wellington. The shoe is a vehicle that expresses the future of design where the sum of all parts are considered to create the best object available. Utilising the Multi Material 3D printer we can create flexibility & rigidity in the single form, meaning a highly specialised area such as the foot can be catered for to meet all biomechanical needs.
The design process uses accurate 3D scans of the feet, this allows for parametric design principles to be employed to generate the cellular growth that represents the connection to cultural values that seek to express stories of ones origins with the biological structure the represents growth through cell division. The sole is designed in collaboration with a podiatrist to ensure comfort, stability & alignment are for the benefit of the individual.
Along with understanding the biomechanics of the foot this design also considers cultural & biological values that are important for the individuality of the user. Design pluralism is aided by the rapid manufacturing technology that has no limits to how a design can be developed. The XYZ shoe takes advantage of this unlimited design approach by trying to incorporate the cultural & biological values of the subject, focusing on designing an object that is every chance to be the complete package.
In essence this is a project that sees design pluralism as the most complete way to make sure all aspects of an individual are celebrated equally.