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XYZ’s Biplane Console is made from a single, folded piece of acrylic

Biplane Console is part of the ‘Biplane Collection’ inspired from Biplane Aircrafts. It includes tables and chairs of different shapes and sizes. What is unique about the collection is that every item is made in one piece. Basically, it is a one-detail product made rigid with double horizontal (functional tops) and vertical (structural legs) elements.

Biplane Console Design: XYZ Integrated Architecture Year: 2014 Material: Acrylic Fiber Dimensions: 200 x 50 x 74 cm Number of product: Piece Unique Made By: Goldenhands Ltd Photographer: D. Sulakauri

Biplane Console 8

Biplane Console 1

Biplane Console 2

Biplane Console 3

Biplane Console 4

Biplane Console 5

Biplane Console 6

Biplane Console 7

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