Yao features a translucent cylinder and a chromed stand with three support points. The light is filtered from the top acrylic part and diffused into the surrounding environment with a warm and suffused luminance that creates an intimate and soft, subtle effect.
The lamp is designed with an asymmetrical shape, it uses its flowing, sinewy lines, and the positively and negatively curved surfaces create a sensuous and emotional basic contour. The flowing curves recalls the shapes found in ‘Shangshui’, a Chinese word for the traditional theme of arts and aesthetic. At the same time, the lamp evokes also the forms and sensibilities of the Chinese calligraphic gestures – ethereal and poetic- while creating a contemporary interpretation in its silhouette and significance.
Yao possesses a typical Chinese style that is underlined by ‘follow the nature and value the vibrant character’. Stylistic features of the past are captured – not as nostalgia or as a ‘museum style’, but represented in a new contemporary, Chinese aesthetic. So we hope it is not only a lamp, it is a forward-looking attitude towards the modern life from an ancient civilizes, and it speaks a fresh language that perfectly combines tradition and modernity.

This Project will be present in the next month at the IMM Cologne D3 Professionals 2014.