Yayoi, a new collection of tableware to eat in a fun, healthy and smart way designed by Ana Roquero.

This time, the designer wanted to enter the world of scales and volumes to create 4 units of measure adapted to our need for the most comprehensive and balanced food. « We have studied the foods that make up a complete healthy meal, based on a fair proposition of carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables and proteins, we have assessed their capacity and volume and have designed different porcelain containers that allow you to freely create your own personal vision of tableware. Playing with shapes and sizes Yayoi allows you to present the right amount of food with the variety of requirements needed for more balanced diet.

The size of each piece is the most accurate reflection of the most natural objects eroded by time and based on forms configured to the most friendly, organic and enveloping shapes for each of it’s functions (deep, flat, side and appetizers). It’s shape, adapted to the scale of the hand one easy to grab and manipulate, to exchange and transmit the desire to touched and used.

With Yayoi you can design the most creative proposals on you table, playing with a puzzle of dishes to imagine the most evocative compositions with the food you are about to eat. On this way it breaks with the traditional method of setting the table. The Yayoi helps you first think to eat , and how to eat to enjoy different foods and that one always healthy and balanced. Stacking the set forms a compact, functional and very suggestive pack facilitate their storage.