We present a design of a modern interior of a house by a lake, in the Tuchola Forest.
The assumption was to combine modernity with tradition, therefore we designed the house of natural materials, such as field stone and wood. Spruce timber, used both outside and inside, is a reference to the surroundings in which the house was designed. Additionally, the investor wanted to keep open space in the house, without giving up cosiness.
Taking into account diverse weather in the Tuchola Forest region, as well as situation of the building, we used two colours: ascetic white and warm yellow. The former gives the interiors freshness and elegance, whereas the optimistic yellow adds energy, and on cloudy days, it can even replace the sun.
Another goal was to achieve contrast between the wood and futuristic shape of the walls. One example is a room in the shape of a circle. This untypical interior is allotted for a mini-study, which offer view of beach and lake. Next to the study, there is a dining room, which also has view of the lake, as well as an exit to a terrace.
The house can be used both in the summer and all year round.