When zipped, the yield picnic bag is your everyday carry-all.
The picnic bag easily unzips whenever and wherever, this time in Big Sur, CA.
3 color options:  Marine, Poppy, + Slate
Each yield picnic bag comes with branded leather details.
One continuous zipper allows the bag to unzip + unfold quickly and easily.
Ready to go after a quick trip to the market.

The Yield Picnic Bag unfolds from bag to blanket in one zip for the more spontaneous picnic.

We’re often planning for the gloomy days, grabbing an umbrella, an extra sweater, but we rarely leave the house prepared for that unexpectedly nice day. Simplicity is a key element in spontaneity.

The picnic bag is easy to use with one continuous, heavy duty zipper acts as the strap, also unzipping to reveal the setting inside. Nylon cordura provides camping-grade, water-resistant protection, alongside the extra-durable #5 nylon zipper, and leather details. Yield has partnered with a responsbile us-based manufacturer with offices here in San Francisco and final production taking place in their facility in El Paso, TX.